The Daily Courier (Connellsville, PA) – 20 February 1924

John Wishart Aids Stranded Trolleyites

John Wishart (WIS0066) of Poplar Grove befriended a number of passengers on a West Penn street car that became stranded near his home.  He made two trips to Scottdale in his automobile carrying passengers.  He transported nine persons in this manner but on the second trip saw a huge pole fall across the trolley wire in Broadway.  He refused to make another trip, especially when on the return home he was blown from the road three times, the wind literally sweeping the automobile before it.

Reaching his Poplar Grove home he told the remaining passengers they should remain at his home for the night, but he would not take them to Scottdale.

There were four street cars ‘hung up’ between the city limits and Poplar Grove.  Passengers from all of these came to Connellsville.  The crew all gathered in one car and for a time burned newspapers on the floor of the trolley in order to keep warm.  Then Mr. Wishart dug up an oil stove which he loaned for the purpose.  Mrs. Wishart supplied hot coffee and sandwiches.

West Penn cars were also stalled between Connellsville and Scottdale.  This morning, according to reports from Scottdale, bread trucks running out of the city to that place, were held up along the road by passengers who were stranded on cars all night, and purchases of buns, bread and other pastries made.