Evening Telegraph – 23 February 1932

Hotel Hold-Up in Vancouver

Mr. Robert Wishart, a Forfar Man who runs a hotel in Vancouver, had an exciting experience when a party of armed men in a car entered the hotel and held up both him and his patrons at revolver point, one of the men firing a shot into the floor.

They afterwards made off with a sum of money. Two suspects were caught later and lodged in prison.

Mr. Wishart is the second son of the late Mr. George Wishart, who was in the coal business in Forfar with Messrs Muir, Son, & Patton.

He is a native of Forfar Academy. Following his scholastic career, he served his apprenticeship as an engineer in Renfrew, and later went out to Vancouver, where he carried on in the engineering line for some time. When war broke out Mr. Wishart came over with the forces, and following the Armistice, he again returned to Vancouver, where he took over a small hotel. Later he moved into his presnt hotel, which is in the centre of the city.

Mrs Wishart is a daughter of the late William Lowson, of the Salutation Hotel, Forfar. There are two children, two little girls.