As the United States celebrates another Independence Day we take a look at the Wisharts who fought in the conflict from both sides. Of the Continental Army we have the following men:

Private Edward Wishart 8th Battalion, Cumberland County Militia, PA
Private James Wishart 4th Virginia Brigade
Private John Wishart 2nd Virginia Brigade
Lieutenant Thomas Wishart 15th Virginia Regiment
Private William Wiseheart 8th North Carolina Regiment.
Ensign William Wishart Capt. William Guthries Coy, Westmoreland County Militia
Colonel William Wishart Princess Anne County Militia, Virginia


Uncovering Wisharts who served with the British regiments is a little trickier, and to date we have:


Private David Wishart 34th (Cumberland) Regiment of Foot


We also have two loyalist Wishart brothers named Alexander and William who had arrived in Miramichi, New Brunswick around 1775. The Wishart’s, as well as others, were plundered by American privateers who were raiding all along the coasts. In 1779 Alexander & William left for the Great Lakes on HMS “Viper” under the command of Captain Chambers and were promoted to lieutenants. They fought the Americans around this area under the command of General Haldimand. Both Wisharts are assumed to have originated in Scotland though as yet we have been unable to determine exactly where.