James Wishart (1847 – 1933)

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Born: 11 July 1847 – St. John, New Brunswick
Died: 2 February 1933 – Hampton, New Brunswick

CAPT. JAMES WISHART, St. Martin’s, St. John County, N.B., was born in the City of St. John, July 11th, 1847. He is the son of Benjamin Wishart, ship owner, and Charlotte Moran. His father came from Montrose, Scotland, and his mother was a native of New Brunswick. He received his early education in St. John and St. Martin’s, and completed it in Liverpool, England, the last two years of it on Her Majesty’s School Frigate “Conway.” He then went to sea, in the “Prince Rupert,” in 1862, and had command of the ship “Henrietta,” in 1872 ; he also had command of the following vessels: “Prince Patrick,” ”Prince Rudulph,” “Black Prince,” “Prince Louis,” “RowlandHill,” “Roycroft,” “Macedon,” the latter being his last command before retiring from the service. He was trading chiefly to the East India, Australia and South America Ports.

He was married, in 1875, to Sophia, daughter of the Rev. J. A. Smith, late of St. Martin’s. His family consists of three children, living. In religion, he is a Presbyterian, and in politics, a Conservative. He is also a member of the Masonic Order. Since retiring from the sea, in 1887, he has been living in St. Martin’s.

Extract from ‘The Canadian Album, Men of Canada’ edited by Rev. Wm. Cochrane, D.D., 1894