My Army Daze

‘My Army Daze’ is a whimsical memoir of 23139714 Private Andrew Wishart’s adventures and experiences of National Service during the 1950’s.  Andy saw active infantry service with the 1st Battalion Kings Own Scottish Borderers in Malaya, and the book recounts stories ranging from his basic training as an eighteen year old, to being almost lost at sea on the way to Singapore.  Whilst in troubled Malaya he encounters ‘a wee bit of bother’ before heading sea-bound once again for an unexpected, but longer voyage home, where he joins a rather odd dance band on board ship before arriving back at the U.K. and returning to civilian life.

Andy has just completed My Rock ‘N’ Roll Daze. This is the second book in the trilogy and covers his musical activities with a rock ‘n’ roll band after his returning from the far east. This is currently being formatted for kindle and will very shortly be available on amazon.

There’s more! Andy is currently writing My Early Daze, wee stories from his early boyhood days, growing up in Scotland during the years of the Second World War

Andrew was born in Penicuik, Scotland, and is part of Wishart Tree 35 which currently starts in mid-eighteenth century Fife.

You can buy a copy of My Army Daze on the Amazon Kindle store.

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