Life of George Wishart by Rev. Charles Rogers

This page describes an important book entitled “Life of George Wishart the Scottish martyr with his translation of the Helvetian confession and a genealogical history of the family of Wishart”, by Rev. Charles Rogers, L.L.D. It was published in 1876 by William Paterson of Princes Street, Edinburgh.

Rev. Charles Rogers was a prolific 19th century writer, and several of his books including this one are available for reference at the National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh. He was a historiographer to the Royal Historical Society, a Fellow of Antiquaries of Scotland, and a corresponding member of the Historical and Genealogical Society of New England.

The book is in three parts:

  • Memoir of George Wishart (58 pages)
  • The Helvetian Confession (9 pages)
  • Genealogical History of the House of Wishart (33 pages)

The first part is a comprehensive account of the life and death of George Wishart, the Protestant martyr. The second part is George Wishart’s translation into English of the Helvetian Confession, that is the confession of faith of the churches of Switzerland, which was published in London about 1548.

Neville Wishart (WIS0013) of Wellington, New Zealand (pictured above) transcribed Charles Rogers’ book to Word format in 2001.The third part of Dr Rogers’ book, entitled “Genealogical History of the House of Wishart”, traces the origins and principal members of the families of Pitarrow and Logie Wishart from the 13th to 18th centuries. It includes a memoir of Sir John Wishart of Pitarrow; an account of Dr George Wishart, the chaplain and biographer of Montrose, later the first Episcopal Bishop of Edinburgh; and ends with the arms of William Thomas Wishart.

This book was transcribed to Word format in 2001 by Neville Wishart of Wellington, New Zealand (pictured left). It was also copied from extensively, though not always accurately, by David Wishart in his 1914 book “Genealogical History of the Wisharts of Pittarrow and Logie Wishart, County of Kincardine, or the Mearns, and of Fifeshire (Scotland)” which is described here.

Download Charles Rogers’ book Life of George Wishart is available for download free-of-charge.