Mark and Deann Wishart Our first wedding photo (right) features Mark and Deanne Wishart, on the occasion of their wedding at Inverleigh Presbyterian Church near Melbourne, Australia. They first met in 1993 when Deanne visited Scotland and they attended the New Year's Ball at the Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh. Two years, and approximately 100,000 flying miles, later they were married near Deanne's home in northern Victoria.

Mark and Deanne are both descended from the Fife Wisharts, Deanne's forebears having emigrated to Australia in the mid 19th century.

Mark is wearing a kilt in Wishart Dress Tartan with the Wishart Crest on his belt and sporran. There are other pictures from their wedding, but they do take time to download so they are on a separate page.

Michelle and Yim WishartOu r nex t we ddi ng ph oto feat ure s Mi chelle Gulliver and Tim Wishart, whose marriage at Morningside, near Brisbane, Australia on 9th April 2000 was celebrated by over 90 guests.  Tim is wearing his Wishart Dress kilt.



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