Mark and Deanne's Wedding 


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We present here some pictures from the wedding of Mark and Deanne Wishart on 4th March 1996 at Inverleigh, Victoria in Australia.

Mark is pictured below with his brothers, John (left) and Adrian (right).  Note their matching kilts - all in Wishart Dress Tartan, with the Wishart Crest on their sporrans and belts. Mark Wishart, flanked by brothers John and Adrian

If they look slightly the worse for wear, we were told it was jet lag!   Adrian having just flown in from London; and John from Calgary, Canada.  Mark's excuse doesn't seem to be recorded.


Wishart Wedding 







On to the ceremony itself where we feature the bride and groom with Tegan O'Brien, Deanne's youngest bridesmaid, and their two pages - Ian Wishart (left) and Hamish Wishart, both wearing Wishart Dress kilts, naturally.

Afterwards, Mark and Deanne contemplate their future together.  Our photographer - Trevor Cooke of Geelong, Victoria - was so pleased with this photo that he exhibited it in his studio.  Thanks again, Trevor.

The happy couple take time off to relax on the grass (below).

Mark and Deanne, and baby Alex Wishart

Three years later, Alexander David Wishart arrived (insert).  Unfortunately we can't yet offer a baby-suit in Wishart tartan.  But now is a perfect time to order that Wishart tartan kilt you always wanted.