Charles and George Wishart 


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George Wishart
Charles and George Wishart

Charles and George Wishart were brothers, possibly sailors, who were killed by native indians in 1850 near Rupert, British Columbia.  They had been brought from England to work for the Hudson's Bay Company, and were serving on the HMS Norman Morrison.

Having heard of the gold strikes in California, they deserted their ship and hid on an island.  A reward was set for their return, but they were killed by the indians before being found.  The report states that another brother remained on the ship but does not give his name. It includes details of their deaths and the following inquiry.

Source: "Reminiscences of Doctor John Sebastian Helmcken" edited by Dorothy Blakey Smith, University of British Columbia Press, 1975, Appendix page 314.  Contributed by Jack Burgar.

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